Link Select (Resize) pointer not appearing

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The hand pointer what should appear when I hover over the edge of a window to resize it or when I hover over a hyperlink in a browser is no longer displaying.


I'm running Windows 11 Insider 64bit ARM version 22543.1000 (latest installed 4 days ago) in a Parallels VM on Apple Silicon.


I've been running insider builds for several months and I think this started about a month ago.


Any suggestions?  Are others experiencing this?  Resizing windows in particular is very frustrating.



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Even if no one else is experiencing this, any ideas on how to approach the problem would be appreciated!



Have you tried to go back to previously build? As running Win11 ARM on M1 chip is not officially supported by MS.
Thanks, but I'm not looking for formal support.

Ignoring the platform, are there any ideas on how to troubleshoot the issue?
Then I would suggest you to checking on the Display related setting from Parallers. For example, try to not using Retina Display with your VM or lower your VM resolution.

Thanks @Little_Joe, I appreciate the response.


Yesterday I was able to narrow down the issue to a problem with the Virtualization software (Parallels).


I was leading a recorded meeting in which I did a screen sharing session.  When I watched the replay, I was shocked to see that the recording made from Windows showed the link select pointer appearing normally even though it was not visible to me.  I have opened a case with Parallels.