leaving windows insider not working

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hi- i have followed all instructions to leave the insider programme that i accidently downloaded and want to revert back to my original windows 11. the option is greyed out and i selected DEV originally and cant change the option? i also clicked on selecting the privacy abd security and selected thge diagnostics option which didnt work either. i went in to selct i no longer want to be on the program and logged and logged in and it said , sorry to see you go which i would think its sorted however it seems i havnt? how can i sort this please 

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What build do you have installed now?




Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23560 (Dev Channel) | Windows Insider Blog

This is the latest version – so you didn't stop the built-in insider update.

What do you want to do now that you're still in the Dev channel?

thanks @A1-A1
i want to leave the insider programme. my initial intention was to get copilot, however i think i made a mistake. i want to remove it and just go back to the original windows 11


Sorry, you need to do a clean install of Windows in this discussion there is a link on the Insider Blog - there are instructions, unfortunately this is the only way you can have stable Windows.

can't change insider settings from canary to any other , nor can leave the insider program - Microso...


yes, i want to leave however it doesnt do it weirdly. it says sad to see you go but nothing changes? what do i need to do please bud


thats hectic. i have my documents saved to the cloud. would that be okay? i really dont wanbt to lose everything


Documents stored in the cloud are not affected, but if you have never done so, ask someone to make copies properly and prepare everything.

If, for example, you leave the settings and apps in the settings of the new installation - you will still be in Insider.

I wish it was easier, but this is the only solution to go back to stable Windows.

i followed the process and it says i already have it installed?


I don't really know what you're talking about?

my fault bud. im gonna start the re-install
Hi A1
Sorted...honestly it wasn't bad. My wife dows runs smoother...its like a clean up :) thanks


 This is great information - thank you for confirming that everything is fine :)


In the screenshot I see your private email address = delete it for security.

No worries. I think I just did cheers