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I've been trying to leave Windows Insider Program since some months ago and I'm still in a queue to leave the program. I talked to the support chat and I could update to a regular Windows 11 release but in the Windows Update app, I'm still in the insider program and get beta updates that I don't want to.


I have left the program from this link: Leave the Windows Insider Program and unenrolled my laptop from the Windows Update app. Nothing changes and I don't think it is normal to wait months to leave the Insider Program.


The quick solution is to do a clean Windows 11 installation but I don't want to do that because I don't want to lose anything from the manufacturer.


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Hi @aruberuto00 

If you have the Dev version installed. it will not do anything waiting you need to perform a clean installation of the stable version of Windows.

   Of course, deregistration from the Insider Program    -   This will not remove the already installed Insider version.

It may take a while for you to leave. This is normal the wait. What is happening is the insider version number is higher than the normal version number. When the normal version number is the same or higher than the insider number you will switch to the normal version.

I hope this helps to clarify this for you


I had the Release Preview, not the Dev version. The support chat helped me install a regular Windows 11 update but the Windows Update is trying to update to a Beta release now (I never wanted the Beta updates). I can't switch to the release preview or even cancel the update.



It looks like your system is still in the Insider Program, is it rather impossible that you have a stable version of Windows installed?

22H2 , if you installed and remained settings and applications and personal files, then it is still an Insider configuration

You can re-register to the insider and set the RP channel.

But it's best to clean everything up and install the 22H2 public version. 

Will I lose anything from the laptop manufacturer if I do that?


yes, the manufacturer's applications will also be removed, but it's best to ask if you can reinstall everything on the computer manufacturer's support website.

You must have system activations linked to your Microsoft account

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