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Hai , I have joined the Windows insider Program, 2 years back for using windows 11. There's always been many updates till I have joined the insider. There are many weekly updates too. I couldn't handle it. I need to leave from insider program. Windows Update -> Windows Insider Program -> Leave the insider Program. while clicking on it , it redirects to "Leave the Windows Insider Program (microsoft.com)". there is a button to leave the insider , it is in disabled state that states that " This email address is not registered as a Windows Insider". Help to leave from this insider

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hello, i got the same issue. Have you solved it? It is sad to see that the developers didnt answer there

@jns1807  Hi,To reply, please add ->what insider build do you have installed right now?

Hello, you can see the whole problem on my profile -> all discussions by jns1807. It’s explained detailed there
Im sorry you can’t see it when going to my profile. How can I find the discussions I started or like the support things I have written here ?


Here we help as volunteers and no one has access to the accounts.

Okay, so I chattet with the Microsoft support and after some fixes that didn’t work they send me a link to this here. I created a case and described the problem and after that, I got these thread suggested so I replied to it that I got the same issue.

I am currently on beta channel if that is what you mean


I asked exactly about the build number - this is important!

another user thought he was in the Beta channel, installed the Dev build. 

cant leave windows 11 insider program - Microsoft Community Hub

You didn't provide basic information in this post either, so do you expect someone to guess to answer?