latest windows update removed apps

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my computer updated overnight, and now a program that i use daily for work has been completely uninstalled from my computer.  completely unacceptable.  if an update is going to remove applications, windows absolutely should get explicit consent to let me know that i will have to re-install that app, or give me the option to NOT update so that program isn't removed

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What was the program which has been removed?
Was it Windows Application or application from the Microsoft Store?
Are you seeing removal of other applications too?



hi Reza, apologies for the delay.  the app that was removed is called "DBeaver".  yes, i installed it from the Microsoft Store originally.  i use that program numerous times a day, so i have already re-installed it.  it's just weird that a windows update would completely delete out an entire program.  any time i've had to restore my computer, i get a warning that "The following apps will be uninstalled" or something like that, but at least it asks for consent before proceeding.  during this incident, windows updated overnight and there was no warning or consent.  the app was just plain removed


Hi, The operation of the installer is correct, some applications cause conflicts during installation, because they prevent the closure of all processes - only this is how you can perform the update in some cases.

Such an inconvenience - is a minor problem compared to the blue screen and turning over the system after a failed update.

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the functionality of ensuring app compatibility already exists. if i restore Windows:

1) i'm given a prompt "The following apps will be uninstalled[...]",
2) i'm asked if i want to continue, and if i continue,
3) a list of all the programs that were uninstalled is sitting on the desktop waiting for me when Windows boots back up

while i agree uninstalling the program is preferable to the bsod, what would be most preferable is to utilize the existing functionality of letting the user know an app is about to be uninstalled. then i could make an informed decision as to whether i want to continue with the update immediately or wait until a better time where i can re-install that program

inconveniences and minor problems are subjective. what you consider a minor inconvenience might be detrimental for someone else. i received a high priority issue for one of my systems. i went to open an app i needed only to find Windows Update had removed it without any forewarning or notifications. i had to spend time re-installing it and restoring all the settings. i was finally able to get what i needed, but removing apps with no warning is a slippery slope and could cause users time and money


Since we are in the Insider space - this is your problem I called an inconvenience.

If this is the public version of Windows, then please provide feedback + add diagnostic data - only so you can prepare a patch to help all users :)

Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app - Microsoft Support

Thank you.

Thank you for the update.
So when you open the Microsoft Store, it shows option to install it , is that correct?
I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.


currently, the windows store says "Open" for that program as i already re-installed it.  after the update--meaning after the app was removed--i went to back to the Microsoft Store and at that time it had the option to install it


and thanks for the suggestion.  i actually thought i had used the feedback hub app to get here, but i just re-created the steps i did to get here and i accidentally used the regular help app.  will post this in the feedback hub now

Thank you for information.
When you share feedback in the Feedback Hub app, the Windows team would be able to see and investigate it.