Latest Windows 11 build (Ju1 14) messed up settings app

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Hi all,

The latest Windows 11 build (from Jul 14 - Preview Build 22000.71) seems to have screwed up my settings app, though Microsoft To-Do and the Feedback Hub apps are also screwed up, so it could be a deeper problem. But, when I open the settings app, certain categories I can't seem to go to without the app suddenly closing. One of them seems to be the power & sleep settings: I've tried going through the battery icon in the notifications area, the settings app from the start menu and then clicking on power & batter, and the settings app from the start menu and then searching for sleep and clicking on a result. In all 3 cases, the settings app just closed. (Actually in the first case, it didn't even open. The window frame showed up and then disappeared.)


The same seems to happen for the Microsoft To-Do Windows Store app in regard to the window frame appearing and then disappearing with the app never opening. The Feedback Hub seems to sometimes work and sometimes not. For example, it'll open but if I click on the latest announcement, it'll suddenly close. I had reported a problem via the Feedback Hub about the search not working in the start menu, and the symptoms are similar: the start menu window will suddenly close whenever I try to click in the search bar.


These could all be disparate issues, but I feel like they're probably related since I imagine Settings, To-Do, Feedback Hub, and Search all share some common Windows core components. Are there any specific logs I could check to figure out what could be going wrong?





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@dEhiN83 I have noticed those issues with certain sections of the Settings app as well.  I also experience this with certain apps from the Windows Store and the Windows Store and XBOX apps can take 5 or more minutes to open and load in the content to display.