Latest Cumulative Update For Windows 11 Insider Preview - Black Screen With Cursor - Where To Report

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I'm not sure how to report this issue, since installing the update causes the PC to be unusable. I was able to back off the update using a recent Macrium image, but I would like to be able to let the devs know the update seems to be broken.

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@OwenWhitehouse  Hi

The reason for your problems is (Macrium) if you want to install the Insider version then it is best to perform a clean Windows installation first, rather if after the system recovery by Macrium, there will again be an Insider update error :)

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@Andrzej Thanks for the reply.

Macrium is NOT the problem. It's amazing and saved my bacon this time and MANY other times.

I believe the issue is not the update, but a tool I'm using called StartAllBack that gives better control of the Windows 11 taskbar and Start Menu. It apparently has an issue that the dev discovered and patched with an immediate release. Kudos to him, but his communication has been lacking and I'm left unsure if his tool is the issue. I'm fairly confident that it was, because after the update to StartAllBack was completed (after a Macrium restoration of the image), the update installed without the issue.

You should take a look at Macrium. It regularly backs up full system images across all partitions and gives you a tool to create a bootable USB with a Windows RE operating system, drivers and Macrium restoration software that is already pathed to the location of your images. It will automatically build an image based on the full and differential images you select. Great stuff!


Always applications with the highest privileges can cause conflict, and can be a threat to the operating system, so I have a question how long have you been in the Insider program?

In which channel and what build did the error occur?

I have the same problem with the Insider Update. My screen goes black with a cursor whenever an insider update reboots after installing. I've had to restore my system to the most recent restore point FIVE TIMES! I'm getting tired of this. I've disabled the update and insider services until someone works with me to figure this out. I am furious that I can't just go back to the stable release without wiping my laptop and starting from scratch! That is so outrageous. I need someone to help me figure out what might be causing the desktop not to display after rebooting. But it's fine after I restore to the most recent restore point. I don't get this.


My one computer also has this behavior, but hard reset 3 times and everything works, you have to leave the computer in power at night asleep.

Karen, I apologize. I never got back to this thread with my solution. For me it was not an issue with the Windows Insider build!

It turns out that an app I use (StartAllBack) which modifies the appearance of Windows 11 to be more usable for real work, was interfering with the updated version of Explorer that ships with the new Insider build. The developer quickly released a patched version of StartAllBack, but not before causing me a lot of problems. Now that I have the new version of StartAllBack, all is well.