Killer wireless driver error (Code 10 and Code 43)

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After the last update for Windows 11 insider (Home). The driver for the wireless card stopped working. There is already a guide on the issue on Intel's boards, but it is not working either. So i think the issue is with the Windows.


The card: Killer(R) Wireless-AC 1550i Wireless Network Adapter (9560NGW) 160MHz

What didn't work: 

  1. Restoring the system
  2. Reinstalling the drivers (normal reinstall and fresh reinstall)
  3. Rolling back to earlier drivers and deleting drivers from DriverStore in System32
  4. Following Intel's "guide" (Link)

Appreciate the help, thanks in advance.

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@RocketMachine THIS WORKED FOR ME!!!! Thank the lord, everything else wasnt working..tried like 8 of these remedies. The key was to shut it down after you uninstall driver and adapter...NOT restart it. Waited a bit and fired it up and we are back in action. Thank you.

This worked, thank you!
I also get this error with my Dell Vostro.
After I tried many ways to fix this error, such as resetting bios and uninstalling and re-installing wifi drivers, nothing changed, and wifi is still not available.
I try to find the windows update pack and uninstall the last Sevice pack and it works
Wifi has come back.
Someone who has this issue can try this way, It may be helpful.

Had this issue with Code 10 out of the blue while working. Using Killer Wi-Fi AX1650i. Tried to update the driver, but the version was the latest. Tried to roll back the driver, but didnt work and updated back to the latest version - again nothing. I was about to Uninstall the driver and bang my head, but saw somewhere it might be due to not updated Bluetooth Windows Driver. Updated the driver, restarted the computer and voila - it all works. Just in case someone else faces the issue in 2023

Device Manager -> Select the wireless adapter not working -> View properties -> Uninstall device (TICK BOX to try and uninstall drivers too!) -> restart computer.

Nothing worked for me until I ticked the box to uninstall drivers when uninstalling the device.


Do you try thé TechGuy246 solution (see first page)? Worked well for me!  

@OussD  @O513-Epsilon @jxrobb Were you guys able to find any permanent fix. Trying to fix it for few days, really frustrated that every solution is temporary



After trying so many things, almost wipping out the PC, this ended up being the solution, an inmediately one too


Found the SOLUTION!!! Permanent Fix.....
" Connect the antenna line in correct way "

Connect the Black cable in Main/2 pin & the White cable in AUX/1 pin

It solved my problem
Good luck y’all



This did it for me! Thank you so much!!

@TechGuy246 This worked perfectly.  Microsoft driver.

This did it. Microsoft driver.

Hello all, I completely wiped my MSI and it fixed the issue. I backed up most of the important things on my computer into an external hard drive. I no longer use it however as I have a new better computer. Good luck.

Hi thanks this just saved me so much time nice work !