KB5010386 explorer not working

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Hi, I installed the KB5010386 update last night. When I turned on the PC today the taskbar was blank and any windows features or settings generate the error message explorer.exe "class not found".

Can still access command prompt and task manager. Did try uninstalling the update but it just reinstalls when the PC restarts, also tried system files check and modifying date/time and windows features, as that seems to be recommended with similar issues in previous updates. 

Really not getting anywhere though. 

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Are you using Windows 11?
Are you running insider build?
Are you able to reproduce this problem with you uninstall the update?
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@Fairinwinter i am having the same issue…if u have found a fix please reply

OK temporary fix, on another forum there was a fix for using powershell I think to sort a bug with windows defender resulting in an error message. I followed that. Then created a guest account. Now evertime I log in I use the guest account, wait like 10-30mins log out and then log into my main account and everything works until I next restart.
Yes windows 11 insider build.
Have tried unistalling the update and it still happens, I've found a temporary fix but still happens everytime I restart.
Insider builds are under testing and development and such issues are expected.
I advise you to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.