Issue with Windows Defender on Windows 11

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I cannot open any of the settings on windows defender, when i try to it tells me to look for a compatible app in the Microsoft Store. Is this a bug or some other (fixable) issue?

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Trying to find how to add an photograph but currently no option other than text ?
Here in my phone, (I'm out at the moment) you need the full editor...

Still trying to add a test picture hbut it comes up with in red letters "please enter a value for this field" not sure what that means - I'm using a Samsung Cellphone ? Hopefully it'll get added to this written reply ?

Think that worked - notice the windows update can't add number of updates - each section shows "0" updates so it's more than just a Defender issue & as the picture shows its got those strange Linux programs as well - very odd ?
Looks normal to me. Those are optional updates. I asked for a screenshot of the message in Powershell when you try to execute the command.

Perhaps you installed that per mistake? Look legit...
The Linux thingy was downloaded & installed by Windows Updates automatically - I've looked at the section you supplied but to be honest it's far too way above my understanding any of the lingo about Linux - I didn't realise there was any other operating system ither than Windows & Apple so I've never heard of Linux in my lifetime - learning curve of life but I accept your suggestion its legitimate and just part of Windows Updates ?
Currently I'm using powershell as admin to copy someone's other line in this thread - its slow and has reached 35% of whatever its doing ?
Had the same long attempts on the other admin thingys which get above 50% then at some point it all goes pear-shaped and aborts and system just gets returned to The Faulty Windows 11 & defective privacy & blocked defender - as soon as I can I'll add pics taken at various stages so you can see where I might be making mistakes or maybe it's just my laptop - I've still yet to check the two Desktops upstairs to see if they are affected - I'm hoping they remain on the initial 110 upgrade & hopefully havnt downloaded the more recent defective 120 upgrade ? Whilst writing the powershell has ended & found no violations ?? So will re-run yesterday's other powershell entry as suggested earlier in the thread as a fix and add pics
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.SecHealthUI -AllUsers | Reset-AppxPackage

Now put this in powershell! You realy should read the whole thread here... ;)
Sorry for the delay - tried & tried & tried must be nearly 20 times & then unexpectedly got a Green Banner flash across top of screen for a few seconds - was a bit odd & too quickly gone to get a picture - but - noticed the Privacy Shield in Taskbar had changed & on checking now have access to Privacy & Security ???????????
Oddly as I type I notice Windows Update 10.0.22000.132 KB5005190 Cumulative update is at 5% so I wonder if that is also a Windows Patch for the Defender Issues ?
Might be a fix for defender issues .We got new changes in that update .Hope it fixes the defender issues
Just a few pics but shows the repeated issues
Is the new update finished installing??
Just to say a big thankyou for keeping me trying & retrying - yes it must have taken almost 20 times with no spelling or character or space errors and my advice to others is to keep doing it till laptop gives in and accepts that command line- it eventually worked & restored access to the Privacy & Security Suite Yey
Thanks Again :)
Nice to hear that problem is fixed. After trying so many times
Still only got to 69%
After that new update chat icon appears in Taskbar Which is been spotted earlier in dev channel now it's available in beta channel
Still at 69% must be a large Update & maybe a patch tho I managed to get into Defender 10minutes ago after around 20 attempts of repeated powershell lines - finally worked ahead of the new Windows update
Windows update 132 Install now 88%