Is there a way to download a video from Vimeo on Windows?

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I'm looking for a way to download videos from Vimeo onto a Windows PC, but I'm struggling to find a suitable solution. I want to avoid online tools because I'm concerned about the prevalence of ads and potential security risks. I'm searching for a reliable software that allows me to download high-quality videos safely. Any recommendations for software or methods that meet these criteria would be greatly appreciated.

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From my experience, I've found 4K Video Downloader to be a reliable option for downloading videos from Vimeo onto a Windows PC. It's straightforward to use: just copy the video URL, paste it into the software, and select the quality you want. I appreciate that it doesn’t come with annoying ads or security risks, as long as you download it from the official site.


Another method I’ve used is JDownloader. It's a bit more complex but very powerful. After installing, you simply copy the Vimeo video link, and JDownloader will detect it automatically. It offers a lot of customization in terms of download settings, which is great if you want more control over your downloads.


Both methods have worked well for me, providing high-quality video downloads without the issues commonly found in online tools.


You can use the Vimeo Downloader extension for Chrome or Firefox to download videos from Vimeo. Such as Vimeo Downloader extension (for Chrome) or Mozilla Add-ons (for Firefox).

Vimeo Downloader browser extension also does a good job, I suggest you try it. It worked for me twice, and it successfully downloaded videos from Vimeo for me. The best part is that the video quality hasn't changed at all.
I don't know why anyone would recommend online websites to download a video from Vimeo on Windows. It isn't correct. Many online software downloaders are bundled with malware or viruses that can compromise your computer's security.