Internet Security Settings Prevent Me from Running Executable Files (.exe)

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Whenever I try to run a .exe file, I get a warning that reads: "These files can't be opened. Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened". This only happened when I upgraded to Windows 11. 

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I have the same issue after upgrading to Windows 11! Did you manage to resolve this?

Have you been able to find a solution?
Sounds like Mark of the Web. After you download the file, right click on it and look at the properties box. You should see a checkbox for Unblock. Place a check in that box and then click ok. Should work after that.

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Nope, that option is not even there, yet the problem

@SalamehN Hi

It looks like some exe files. do not have a valid certificate, or create the wrong installation path - so built-in security blocks its opening, for the security of the Windows11 system

just turn off windows firewall, or execute the file inside the .rar file
Suggest you open Windows Security (Microsoft Defender) from the system tray then do the following:
1. Go to App & browser control
2. Click Reputation-based protection settings
3. Try to toggle-off "Check apps and files" then retry to urn the app.

If does not working then try to toggle-off SmartScreen to retry.