Integrate Windows 11 Calendar App with Windows as windows 10 had

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Thanks for the great upgrade of Windows 11. But for the calendar app, I am a little confused. I was highly dependent on the calendar app provided in windows 10 like many. But for windows 11, it is a little different and sometimes confusing.

Currently, if we need to add a new event to the calendar, we have to go to the web if we click on add a new event button which is frustrating I think. I new pop up box for creating events of if the calendar app pops up after clicking the add new event button, would be great.



Another thing is I was getting notifications for upcoming events and can check today's events by clicking on the right bottom side of the desktop. But now we are unable to check events on going there. I think that was the most convenient way.


Can anyone please suggest if Microsoft is planning to add those 2 features from Windows 10?



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