Installation of Windows 11 evaluation 22458 stopped at 64%

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How do I fix this problem?

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You can do a hard reset - hold the power for 10 seconds and restart, sometimes it helps.
Sometimes it helps to pause the update for 7 days , but after a few hours resume the update - if this does not help then run the tool to fix problems with the update , but often it is an unknown error
It may take time depending upon your system specs, I recommend to you to wait. For me, installing was stuck at 32% and then eventually progressed to 78%.

If you continue with issue, sign-out and sign-in back and let it be installed again.

My Windows Update has been stuck at "Windows 11 Status: Installing - 64%" for 1 year now. I have restarted my computer many times in the past year, re-downloaded, etc, it always gets stuck at 64%. I hope Microsoft fixes it soon.

@crackedeggs1 I have been experiencing the same issue on my laptop. Google results have told me to use a USB stick with Windows 10 downloaded on it to reboot the laptop. I am yet to try that.

How do you sign in and out when the laptop is stuck on the screen?


my pc stuck at build 25272.1000.

its not completed, tried 2 times before.
now there is newer windows update still same problem. slowly reach 60% than stops at 64%.
tryin sfc /scannow.