Instagram audio downloader - can I download Instagram Audio?

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I've been trying to figure out how to download audio from Instagram posts for a project I'm working on, but I'm unsure if it's even possible or if there are any tools available that can help with this. I've come across various methods and third-party apps online, but none seem to work reliably. I'm looking for a solution that can consistently extract audio from Instagram to mp3, ideally without compromising the audio quality. Does anyone know of a method or tool that can achieve this? 

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Downloading audio from Instagram posts can be a bit of a hassle because of the platform’s restrictions. But if you’re just grabbing it for personal use or have the creator’s permission, it’s usually fine. Personally, I swear by SYSCute AllClipDown, it allows me to download audio from Instagram and other platforms. I've been using it for a couple of years now , and it’s so much better than those free online tools.


AllClipDown is professional software that doesn’t bombard you with ads or give you sketchy audio quality. It makes downloading high-quality audio super easy. Whether you’re saving your own content or just want to keep your favorite audio clips offline, this tool gets the job done without any fuss.


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PS: Sincerely! This screenshot is from my win 11 laptop where I downloaded more than 30 Instagram audios without any problems at all!  Hope this helps!



Yes. Most of the instagram audio downloader software are capable of doing this thanks for the help of ffmpeg, one of the best free decoding utility. However, the firsts step is to download the instagram video first. After that, extract the audio from the downloaded video file. This is the process how Instagram audio downloader works.

Check out the AllClip video downloader. I have been using this software for two weeks and successfully download dozens of music from instagram videos. It will directly download audio as mp3 from target instagram videos. You only need to make a few mouse clicks. This is the best instagram audio downloader I even see and much better than the online crap alternatives.

If you are proficient in computers, it is recommended that you install a web scraping tool like Scrapy (a Python-based framework) or Octoparse (a web scraping software). With the help of this Instagram audio downloader, you can write a script to extract the audio URL from the Instagram post HTML. And use the script to download Instagram audio.

AllClip video downloader may not work with all versions of Instagram or all browsers. If you use it to download Instagram audio, you may need to check compatibility before installing the tool.

My biggest concern is the quality of the audio you download from Instagram. As download audio from Instagram may result in a lower quality file compared to the original audio. This is because Instagram compresses audio files to reduce their size, which can affect their quality. Please use some well-known Instagram audio downloader to avoid any loss.