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Hello can you tell me when I try to go into the insider program it says "this won't take long" and then it just sits there for hours and does not open

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Its a Dev build, and its an automated ( Pre-Created Message ), the coding/process is not optimized.
I have a pretty high end PC and it still took me 17 minutes.

Average 2021 PCs with low end SSD or Hard drive will probably take 36-42 minutes.

" This won't take long " You hear this from friends/family when waiting for them to visit you or pick you up, or when your on hold via the phone... its always longer than you would think.



It never used to take this long before lol I have been a member since just before Windows 10 was released and it would take a few minutes, but now I sign in with my microsft account and then up pops this won't take long lol and I can go on my pc and check it now and again and it is still saying this won't take long hours later lol





Well I am still waiting to to get past "this won't take long" I can start it off and leave it all the time I am on the PC, and hours later go in to check and it is still saying "this won't take long" I have just upgraded to winver 21H1 and still doing the same thing lol I was hoping to try Win11 but not looking too promising