Insider Program Destroys Steam VR Compatibility for Windows Mixed Reality

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Shame on me for thinking joining the Windows Insider Preview Program would be beneficial for using cutting edge technology....but after rejoining the Windows Insider Program with my MSI Laptop, I'm unable to use my expensive WINDOWS MIXED REALITY Odyssey headset with SteamVR in any capacity.  


After googling and perusing dozens of forums, I've learned that these software-destroying updates and shoddy support have been persisting since February 2018.  


What's the point of joining an Insider program if it obliterates support for fledgling products like VR/AR software?  Guess we should be using antiquated versions of Windows to develop VR content....


To exacerbate issues further, there isn't a way to peacefully leave the Insider Program.... The only option WITHOUT wiping my entire C drive is to WAIT for Microsoft to release a "stable" build in the undisclosed future.  What.  On.  Earth.  


Destroy support for your own fledgling products that rely on the community for development....thus preventing developers from DEVELOPING....and be sure to remove any escape ropes for folks who were stupid enough to invest in a WMR headset and install an Insider Preview Build.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!  

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Wish i had stumbled across this post or others like it.
Like you I thought the latest builds would IMPROVE the WMR functionality, not cripple it more than they already have by forcing everything to run through the shoddy memory hogging cliff house.
About to wipe my entire system so i can actually use my odyssey again.... for shame microsoft

Hey Digitydogs,


You may be pleased to know that as of last week's major update, I've been able to get Steam VR to "occasionally" work by toggling Steam VR's "beta" mode (right click on Steam VR in Steam and it's under "Properties").  I got Steam VR Home to boot and Google Earth VR.

Everything in the Windows Cliff House and Windows App Store works flawlessly (Arizona Sunshine)...and yet they have the gall to add a "Steam VR" advertisement to the latest WMR build!  It doesn't work yet, guys!


Still too frustrating to recommend on a Windows Insider machine as of 1/13/19! 


(Also disclaimer, none of these issues happen on my Desktop Windows 10 PC which IS NOT an Insider Preview Build computer)


Sadly my post is based off of the most up to date fast track pre release. (Skip ahead is closed so I'm not on the true newest build)

As in it was installed last night.

Completely ruined my vr experience and I'm not exactly on a modest machine (8 core 4.2, 16G ram, 6GB 1060 graphics)

Cliff house takes 3 times as long to load and is choppy as hell, getting an average of 45 frames in vrmark, before the insider build 120 fps was my average.

I'm not sure what they did to wmr but it's a game changer and not in a good way.

Appreciate the heads up!  I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Likewise.  My laptop (the problem computer) is packing a 970GTXM, 8 core 3.3, 16 ram...running all apps off of an SSD >:(  I, too, have had a drop in performance in the Cliff House since the update that added the Steam VR ads.  

Hoping somebody hears our cries sooner than later

Upside for me, windows allowed me to roll back to the stable non insider build so I'm back to a fully functional vr experience, minus the left controller battery life problem that seems to plague about 90% of us wmr users.

ah!  Great idea rolling back Windows.  I'm unable to do so on my I'll have to tough this update period out :\  

But wait!  It gets worse!


As of today, my Odyssey is displaying everything INVERTED.  Completely upside down from the start.

I attempted to reinstall Windows Mixed Reality Home....and hit an error telling me to check my WINDOWS UPDATE!


I have been unable to get off the Windows Insider Program on this computer for seven weeks.  Unreal.