Insider Preview Build 17074.1002 Broke Every Windows Apps + Start Menu and Action Center

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The Insider Preview installed on my machine flawlessly but after around 5 minutes. The Start menu and action center won't open as well as Basic Windows Apps + opening files with basic Windows Apps  (eg. Groove Music Player, Video Players, Settings Panel, etc.) returns a "File System Error (-2147219200)". File Explorer is fine and all installed software is working okay but there is no way to roll back from a previous build since I can't access the Settings Panel.

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If you have made a repair disk/usb, you can have the option to roll back to the previous version. 


I had to do the same thing due to 17074.1002 breaking the video display. I hadn't created a restore point in a while so my repair usb came in very handy.

It seems like many I also have experienced nothing but problems with this latest build 17074. 1002, I also reset my P C, however, this did not solve my issues because the problems are embedded in the coding. So now I am faced with not having a backup source to use which was my Seagate which has a capacity of 2T, but whatever they did with the storage issue by managing it sure messed me up. Last is my SiriusXM player I picked up from the Windows store it worked great until this new build tried to download and then many things were messed up big time. I hope that one of them will read our issues and contact us because now to make everything work right I will have to do a complete re-install.  

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Hi Miguel,

This information is very valuable to our engineers, and it would be helpful if you could submit a post in the Feedback Hub app so that it gets in front of them. 


Today we released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring - so please refer to the blog article here to determine if it includes fixes specific to the issues you noted. 

Thank you for your quick response, Michelle I did receive this new build and it went very smooth this time. I did read the post you referred me to and I also posted in our Insider Hub, I felt that if we all are working together then those involved really needed feedback that just might help fix things. I enjoy doing this and any help with broken links to a new build has been worth it if the final build is easy for the consumer using it. My issues are still present and my hopes are the Techs and Developers will figure out what has happened and be able to expedite a fix.

Goddamn Windows 10!!!!. Am so furious. My start key and Right Panel Apps have disappeared!!

Using Version 1709 build 16299.192

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