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Is this the right version for the slow ring in the Windows Insider? I had issues with the green error screen from the insider. I contacted support and the representative said I'm not part of the program. I have Windows 10 home.

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You can check your Insider program participation status from your Windows settings.


here is how it looks like when you're part of the Windows insider program:


Annotation 2019-09-15 174315.png


Here is how it looks like when you're Not part of the Windows Insider Program:


Annotation 2019-09-15 174423.png


Here is the latest build number of Windows 10 pro 1903, fully updated with all cumulative updates installed. you can check yours from the settings => system => about 


Annotation 2019-09-15 174527.png


Your version of Windows looks like to belong to an early version of build 1903 or it might be that you previously joined Insider program and slow ring then you forgot to update your Windows.

either way, first make sure you are not participating in the Insider program using the method above and then go to your Windows update and check for new updates.

after that your build number should be this: 18362:356

@HotCakeX Now I see. So how do I make sure I'm on the right insider build, meaning what are the next steps?

Well what is the right insider build for you? I mean which insider ring do you want to be in?
also I don't see your insider settings. do you see the "get started" button?

@HotCakeX  Here are my Insider setting and Windows version. I would like to stay in the slow ring so it would be more stable.

@HotCakeX  Here is the other screenshot.

Okay so your Windows insider settings are correct, you are on slow ring. but when you check for updates in Windows update nothing shows up?
if not then try removing your computer from insider program and rejoin again

@HotCakeX There were updates a few days ago and I did update it. I will see what the change is when I re join. 

I just got an Insider email on the latest updates. and in the Feedback hub I have been an Insider since 2016. I don't think I have to rejoin now since I'm still in the program.
By rejoin I meant to enroll your machine in the Windows insider again. otherwise your Microsoft account will stay part of the Windows Insider program and it won't change.

@HotCakeX i unenrolled and then try to rejoin the insider. The get started button is grayed out.


At this point I think you need to do a clean install of the OS.
you can either use the "Reset this PC" option in the settings or grab a clean copy of Windows 10 from here:

@HotCakeX I have done a new copy of windows 10 just a few weeks ago and don't want to do again as it takes too long.  Will this delete my files and applications?


Sorry to hear that, sometimes switching Insider option on and off cause some unwanted problems :(
well only the files in your C:\ drive (the Windows installation drive) will be deleted in case of a clean OS reinstall. so you might want to move important files from your desktop, your downloads folder, your documents folder etc to another drive. or just use OneDrive to sync them for you.

@HotCakeX  Decisions, decisions. Being an insider is great, it's not though a priority.   I will keep that in mind.

This should fall back on the representative who told me I wasn't an insider when I know I was. If there are any more issues I will think about it.
This usually shouldn't happen but yeah Insider stuff can have strange problems sometimes