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HI all

I have a Surface 3 professional as my second machine which I have incluhded in the fast ring.

Yesterday, 28 Sept I  returned from three days away when the machine was left switched on with the lid down. On my return it won't start and hangs on the Surface load page or it enters into a routine where it is preparing automatic repair from which it never exits.

I have no  problems with the security of all my data and I  never back up whole systems a their use just carries  forward the accumulated problems from the past.

I would be grateful if someone would explain how I get into the machine and force it to reset the Windows system.

Or , ince I have presumably purchased the W10 system in this computer,  how I can obtain a no-cost copy with which I can reboot the machine via a memory stck.

 I strongly prefer the first solution as I don't what to damage the recovery partition

Roger Stenson

Roger Stenson

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Have you made sure that all your keys are free from debris
Could it be a sensor or may something with the board, not real sure.