Insider dev build 23435 to release preview

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Hello, I had to reinstall win 11 due to technical issues. I was previously on the 'release preview' channel but somehow when I reinstalled win 11 I was logged out of the insider program and when I logged in it defaulted to dev (i didn't notice) and thus I am now on the the dev 23435 build.


I have updated the release channel to release preview but the still at 23435.


I really don't want to reinstall windows, if I wait until 'release preview' catches up to 23435 will that enable me to retuen to the 'release preveiw' channel or am I stuck at dev until I resinstall?


If I am stuck, are there ways of installing a clean version of win 11 without losing my apps and data. 


Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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When I enrolled in the Windows Insider Preview program last month I chose the Release Preview channel, but the next time my compute rebooted Windows Update installed one of the 23000 series builds.  These are Dev channel, not Release Preview channel (which are all 22000 series).  Despite the glitch, I was able to go into the Windows Update / insider preview settings and select "Stop getting preview builds" and then "Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases".  I've since received a new 23000 Dev channel build, but Windows Update still says "this device is scheduled to be unenrolled when the next version of Windows releases".  I assume that when the final 23H2 is released I'll move to that automatically.

@frcraig Thanks I too saw this option but the it states that this only applies to 'Beta and Release Preview channels' see below ... and I am on a Dev release 


Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases
Available for Beta and Release Preview channels. Turn this on to stop getting preview builds when
the next major release of Windows launches to the public. Until then, your device will continue to
get Insider builds to keep it secure. You'll keep all your apps, drivers and settings even after you stop getting preview builds.