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Insider Build - 17074 - Bitdefender 2018 - ATC.SYS - GSOD

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On boot as I was getting a GSOD about 3 seconds after getting to the login page of Windows 10 17074 Insider Slow.


GSOD said it was atc.sys that was causing the crash.


Uninstalled Bitdefender 2018 - by getting to the Command prompt and renaming the folders then fully uninstalling once booted.


No more issues - so far.





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I had the same issue and there was a chat with Bitdefender Support agent.

He refused to help after saying mine was  a insider build. 


Your workaround seems the only fruitful one right now :) 





Just wanted to verify, I'm having the same problem here.


Strangely, it's only on my newer Alienware laptop, and not on any of my other older computers.

<BTW> Another fix is to boot to Safe Mode, then just uninstall.