inside folder thumbnails Preview in windows 11 Problem

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in windows 10 folder icon I can see what file is on that folder sometime i don't have to check the folder because in thumbnail I can see the file image. but in windows 11, If my folder contain a file it just a white border at the top as a thumbnail ,is there any way to see inside folder without opening it?

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I work with a lot of foreign names and rely on folder icon thumbnails since i use JPEGs to identify the individuals i am contacting or information that reduces my need to explore each file. i would like to request that that feature be returned in windows 11. that's it no more no less.
Have you received a response yet as to a fix? I wonder what's the use of signing up in here if Microsoft is not answering that it's coming out with a fix. I went back to Win 10 because of this issue and don't want Win 11 if they don't fix this problem.

meanwhile it is possible to see a preview on the folder, but unfortunately only half of the picture.

Why it is not possible to select a folder on which I can see the whole picture? I am sure millions of customers would be glad to have the old features again. Please,please,please give us back this features again!!!!!!!!!!!!