icloud driver update for windows 11

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i can not seem to find the right new driver updates for windows 11 meaning i can not access my i cloud account from the icloud app in my computer. can som one please help


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Not a reply, but a similar. Just switched to a new Windows 11 computer, need to load icloud for windows but when I go to the Microsoft store entry for icloud for windows and push "get" I just find a page saying "the thing you are looking for isn't here". Help!
Well, I would suggest you try to re-install the iCloud app on your Win11 device, if that's not working then still can access your file via iCloud web version with https://www.icloud.com/. Share more details about your current Win11 version & OS build number and better a screenshot for us to checking this issue further if u want.
Did you get any solution to this issue? I have recently moved to a new Win11 PC and installed iCloud App. Unfortunately iCloud seems not to be able to run on Win11. Opens then close, try to authenticate then stops, etc... any kind of erratic issues.. :(
Thanks, HNY
same issue