I want to Change "Dev" to "Beta" in windows insider program?

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Hey! I have just installed Windows 11 after signing up with Windows Insider Program. While signing up, I had chosen "Dev" which now I want to change to "Beta" and it isn't allowing me to change. Can anyone help me out in this?

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In this case, you need to perform a clean installation of Win10!

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@A1-A1 Isn't there any tweak that allows me to change it from here? Because right now, I can't afford to install the clean Windows 10

Previously, you could switch channels, but Win11 - only clean installation!

AFAIK, switching from Dev channel requires a clean install. There is no alternative for this atm, I believe.

But in future, can i change it once the stable version is released?


To install Win11 stable version as it will already be released for everyone - then you need to unregister this computer from the Dev channel. and you will have to do a clean installation of Win10. because the stable version is a full environment and full synchronization confirmed by Microsoft