i want help related to my windows

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i want a help related to my windows

yesterday i upgraded my windows from 10 to 11 by isidider preview .. after successfull installation there is a folder in my pc names windows.old

should i delete that folder or not

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no don't delete it....it maybe a restore point.
Win11 is buggy at the moment so in case u want to go back to stable version u will need it.
can i delete after the stable version of windows 11 ..
If you delete that folder, you won't be able to go back to Windows 10, if your Windows 11 is not working as expected. Additionally, that folder may have your files from Windows 10 which may be useful for you. So in short, don't delete Windows.old folder.


So do not delete - because it will be automatically deleted after a few days, but the restore can only work if you have system protection enabled.
Windows Old is useless after installing insider preview.