i want a help with bootmanager of windows

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hi , first of all i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my questions but .. let's give it a try

i have Laptop Toshiba C50-A570 with windows 10 pro .. i wanted to make a dualboot between windows 10 and mac os Catalina .. i know it's wrong and windows 10 may suffer but at this point i don't have an external hard drive to install the mac os on it .. to boot to mac you'll have to use Clover bootloader it's easy to boot from your bootable pendrive but i want to boot into clover itself from the hard drive so i can choose if i want to boot windows from uefi or mac os .. my HDD is 1tb GPT style and it's cool for mac .. until now i can't make it happen to boot from my hdd into clover .. tried to transfer the pendrive's EFI to my hdd's EFI and replace files .. nothing happened .. tried to use Easy uefi program to make a new boot direction exactly to CLOVER64.EFI but also nothing happens it always boot into windows directly .. tried to rename bootmgfr.efi to bootmgfr-orig.efi but it gives me black screen while trying to boot .. tried to exchange bootmgfr.efi with CLOVER64.efi and it worked to enter to clover directly but i was able to only boot into mac not windows .. so if there are any method to edit windows boot manager to at least give me the chance to boot into Clover before it boots into Windows 10 directly i'll be thankful

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