I updated to windows 11 but can't activate.

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I just recently decided to try out the Windows 11 upgrade, sadly now my PC is saying it doesn't have a product key and that I'm on Windows 11 Enterprise edition (from windows 10 home). Anyone have a work around to get my windows to activate?

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How did you install the Windows 11?
The supported and recommended way is using the Windows Insider in the Windows 10 and I believe you download it from unofficial websites.
I recommend you to revert back to Windows 10 and join Windows Insider program and upgrade using the update from Windows Insider program.
This is the exact method I used to update.
Weird, when you perform update, it should upgrade to the same edition as your Windows 10. For example, in case you are using Windows 10 Home, it will upgrade to Windows 11 Home.
In you case, since this is unexpected behavior, report it using the Feedback Hub app.