I shut down my computer and then booted it up and now everything is gone.

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Hey there! So I'm having a major problem right now with my PC. So I got the Windows 11 Insider program back in late September to upgrade to Windows 11 early, and it was working just fine. But earlier today, my Computer was acting slower than usual which was a pain, so I decided to shut it down. But then around 2 hours later, I opened it up and everything is gone.


I mean maybe not EVERYTHING per say since some of the programs I've downloaded are still on the desktop screen. But when I try to access file explorer, all of my files are gone. Which is awful for me because I had a LOT of stuff on there including a picture I was working on coloring through Clip Studio Paint.


Worse yet, aside from file explorer, the computer won't let me access anything either. I can't go to settings, I can't go to Microsoft Edge, nothing. I'm currently using another computer to write this down. The taskbar never loads either. It just stays stuck in limbo with the mouse pointer showing that it's always loading and nothing else. The screen keeps flashing to white then back to the desktop image and continuously does that. Practically nothing works and it's driving me crazy.


I heard there was an Insider update today but I swear I knew nothing about it until after I looked it up. I didn't install it at all, at least not intentionally, so I'm wondering if this is a problem on Microsoft's end and I really hope it is. Because this is awful. We're thinking about sending it to a computer repairing store but I'm hoping there might be some way for me to fix this myself. It looks hopeless though. I really hope I can get my files back somehow cause if some of my programs still show signs of being there then they must not be gone completely.


Please help me, I'm desperate. I use my computer all the time and I had a picture I was working on that I planned on finishing by Halloween. And also, since I'm using a different computer, I can't sign in to social media accounts because all of my passwords were on my computer that's not working and I don't remember any of them which just makes everything worse. I could still use my phone thankfully but yeah, I'm at my limits and I really need help getting everything back to normal. Thank you for taking your time to read this and tell me what I could possibly do to fix it. 

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Did you by any chance do the cumulative updates?? Cause I had similar problems after updating and this was how I fixed it https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-insider-program/taskbar-not-showing-in-windows-11-fix...

@KillaHaddy No, I don't think so. Plus I just tried what you did and it didn't do anything to solve the problem. Everything is still gone unfortunately and I don't know why. Granted the numbers at the end were a little different from the ones you used, but no, it didn't do anything sorry to say. Do you think you know of some other way to fix it? :(

I'll be honest with you I can't think of anything else. But I'll do some research to see if I can find a fix for you.
Also, I can't access the settings either. Every time I go to file explorer to open it up, it opens for a second, doesn't load and then closes. And since the taskbar isn't loading either and is also stuck in limbo, I can't access the settings through there either.
Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I tried looking myself and couldn't find anything unfortunately. So if you can't and I can't then I guess sending it to a computer repair shop would be the next best thing.
Do you happen to have Discord?? if so Add my discord at KillaHaddy#2675 I'll see if I can help
Did you find a solution? I have the same problem and I´m desperate, I have a paper due in two days
Did anyone solve this problem ?