I'm Queued for Unenrollment but When will I be Unenrolled from the Beta Program???

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I joined the Windows Insider Program (beta) earlier this year. But I wanted to leave so I clicked on unenrolled. However, the tab has been unenrolled and it says queued for unenrollment when the next major release of windows releases, I will stop getting preview builds. 


But this has been a couple of months at least that I have been unenrolled and am still "waiting on the next major release" to become officially unenrolled. 


Why is this taking so long? When will I leave the beta program??????

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I think I've got the same issue, it shows that "Queued for unenrollment" and that I would switch to normal Windows 11 when the next major Windows 11 update releases. In my case a major update just released yesterday(May10th), but instead of updating to that version it updated into the Insider Preview version that released maybe yesterday or today(May 11th). I'm kinda desperate to get to the stable build because of performance issues and I've unable to play games for about a week.
I also have this problem. It's been over 4 months.
It's not the time to worry bro, Don't bother about that. You already got unenrolled by the server just wait for any public and stable version of windows to release.
Note: You will not receive any beta update in the stage where you are. You will just receive public versions.

@Utkrisht_Utpal I'm getting an "installer stopped prematurely" Error and I believe beta is the problem.

Hi @mhayes1170 

If you no longer have the patience to wait, then the solution is a clean installation that will remove everything and reinstall the stable version of Windows, but you will lose your files and applications again you have to install,

2 installation option is only possible:

Download Windows 11 (microsoft.com)

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

I don't really familiar to this error but I will give you some tips regarding this.
In windows search, type services, open the services app find windows Installer and windows Insider service in this and try starting them manually by clicking on these services and restart your PC to see if the error fixed or not.
At last, you can try reporting this to feedback hub.

I Have the same issue for more then about 6 months or so. I want to leave the Windows Insider Program but it wont let me. Please tell me how to fix this@





I am also getting tired of waiting for an stable update, My windows is often giving me green screen of death.

This problem is ridiculous.
I'm in the same boat. Un-enrolled from the program when I was on Windows 10. Installed Windows 11 and BAM I am back on preview builds.
I've done clean reinstalls and first Windows update I am back on the **bleep** program and my Windows is now a preview version again.
Clicking unenroll me now button jut takes you to a page that tell you how to reinstall windows.

It' a **bleep** joke. I want out.

@mhayes1170 I had the same problem for some days but after some research I found way.I have a dell Inspiron 13 so, first, check that activation or product of Windows and Microsoft’s office is linked with your account. If not search it in the computer and note it down. then backed up files in my external hard drive ( leave every thing select only only the important files like user folder and personal folder on C drive that all and do not create a system image if you do your back up, will fail)then go to reset this pc in setting and select advance restart from there go to factory reset system image(do not enter recovery Key and click on skipthis drive) After that, it will automatically take you to dell support assist recovery os environment go to back up your files enter manually your recovery key and select back up data there select all(It contains folders of only desktop, music, pictures, documents, downloads) select all of it and back up exit back up your files and click on reset your PC then select reset and update after reset begins you will get two options Keep the files or total reset I recommended to select total reset After that start in the reset is over, it will take you to Dell support assist recovery again there you can restore the files you backup that’s all set up your windows 11 and your pc is normal again 

important note:

after back up before you reset your pc do a hardware and PC repair scan for some cases it may solve a problem without resetting your PC if it does not then reset your PC


 This is only for Dell users