I'm having some bat s**t crazy stuff going on with my insider dev build on win 11

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I'm having some bat s**t crazy stuff going on with my insider dev build on win 11 even after reinstall,


So this started happening to me, see screenshots and after reinstalling everything was fine until I started my pc up this morning and now no apps are working from Microsoft pain, store, you name it if it is a Microsoft app it does not work at least I Can get into settings but this is non-stop I Can't use non of the things I normally use because of this problem. Any advice would be much appreciated! 


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This is a public forum in the screenshots is your email address for security delete it.
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Thanks for letting me know mate! I was not really thinking straight at the point of writing this just trying to find out what the heck is going on. That sort of thing I'd normally use MS Paint just to cut out but I'm having to use photoshop for all this which is also doing some pretty strange stuff to go along with the other crazy stuff.

Anybody with any solutions to this would be much appreciated because I Thought it was some virus thing that had caused it some crypto CPU Miner that has gotten on to my PC 2 times now somehow got rid of it both times now but this was the first time I encountered this issue so thought nothing of it, But then thinking back I wondered if it was that which is why I Got a fresh ISO And reinstalled it but only the next day to boot the PC to find all this stuff going on once again :unamused_face:


Just edit this post and delete those screenshots where the address is, then after cutting you can add them, unfortunately Insider versions may have such errors !
You can perform a clean installation of the Beta version which is more stable by downloading ISO (BETA)

Yeah, I've done it if you check the screenshots I have blurred my email address out.

Yep, I am thinking of it because it's at the point right now it's unworkable, and of course, I could just stop flighting but I love testing the new updates first and the only problem is you can't change channels right now so a full clean install might be the only way.

Thanks for the help!