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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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I'm having problems with rolling back from Dev (25115) to Beta

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Today I made a mistake installing the Dev Insider Build of Windows 11 and I'd like to know if I have those 10 days to rollback to beta. I'm asking because even if I linked my Microsoft account to the Windows Insider Program settings page, the option for switching from Dev to Beta it's blocked. Am I missing something or am I doomed to the Dev build till the next Beta release? Thank you all.

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Hi, unfortunately  -> because you have installed the Dev version. it is possible to lower the channel only after performing a clean installation of Windows!

Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs


2 days earlier it was possible - Microsoft announced it.

Lowering the Dev channel. - to Beta without a clean installation of Windows - is available!!! - Micr...

I'm thinking about throwing myself off a plane after this. I have about 500 GB of software and music production work I can't move from this hardware for technical reasons. Hope they'll make the switch available again soon.
I understand, but because many people were surprised that Dev. and Beta are the same - there were problems and rather Microsoft will not repeat it for a long time.
This is only possible if you have a system backup. If not you are not able to as it is on Dev channel


See if this note from official announcement helps you anyway:


With this build getting released to the Dev Channel, the window closes for you to be able to switch from the Dev Channel to the Beta Channel since your device will be on a higher build number than what is provided in the Beta Channel. If your device installs this build and you decide you want to switch, you have 10 days or until we release a newer build to the Dev Channel to roll back and switch to the Beta Channel. If you do not roll back within 10 days or your device takes another new build, the only way to switch to the Beta Channel is to do a clean installation of the released version of Windows 11 on your device to switch to the Beta Channel.