I cannot update from 22610.1 to 22616., I see I'm out of Insider - error 0x800bfa0e


I had tried Windows Update after was announcing 22616.1 but I hadn't received it. For my surprise, I see that laptop is not join the Windows Insider Program. I again try to join to the program, but I receive an error 0x800bfa0e.


I have computer join to corporate domain, last 5 builds were upgrade without problems. I have control of GPOs and EndPoint Manager policies and it hadn't modifies. I only apply MDM join (not Endpoint policies deliver) and Windows Hello policies (for PIN, Face, fingerprint).

I had removed device from MDM, but I have same result.


Do anybody same problem? Do you know how to resolve it?

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I've no advice to assist, but have the exact same issue. Was fine up until this build, and until we added some WHfB policies.

now, nothing but 0x800bfa0e
Thank you, I had tried that without changes. Finally, my option has been doing a clean installation without change any policies in my Active Directory, now It works. Why? I don't know, I hadn't format my computer since las June, first insider version of Windows 11.

@Josep Ma Solanes 

The problem probably resulted from the combination of the Beta and Dev channel.
But now Microsoft has already separated it and there will be no such errors :)

@Andrzej1 Maybe. Have this builds means to be exposed to bugs and in few times format device.

@Josep Ma Solanes 

Of course, I think so too!
But as I read other people who don't even want to think about cleaning everything and reinstalling the Windows version of the Insider program because they work on these computers.
I will add a discussion link:

I'm having problems with rolling back from Dev (25115) to Beta - Microsoft Tech Community

Right, me too. For that, I do full backups every week and I have a script and log app install. ;)