I can't get new builds and I can´t change the insider program

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I am on the Canary channel in the insider program and I have been stuck in a build since I came back from holidays. I can't get any new builds and I can't change the channel from the insider program. The build says that it ends on September 15, but I didn't turn on the computer for a month.


I tried to go to Microsoft and download a new iso and I got an error saying something went wrong.


Also, I have a few drivers to update in the Windows updates but I got an error with the date and time. And I have those synced with the Internet. No VPN or anything.

I lost my Wi-Fi connection since I am having these issues.



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@check87 same with me and i cant go back to normal version and all the suggestion in the community is to install normal win11 using ios manually, so ridiculous.




Yeah ridiculous. Contribute to windows and make us to reinstall everything.

Cheers mate,
I hope we can find a solution, but I am starting preparing everything for installing win11


What’s coming for the Windows Insider Program in 2023 | Windows Insider Blog

This is official information, but you are in the Dev Channel. - is this the Canary version?

ok, it seems the only way is to install clean win11 manually——Microsoft even don't want to offer this option in Windows setting for our insider users