I can't enable the hidden features!

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I need Tab feature in file manager and Drag and drop feature in taskbar.

I have joined Windows Insider for these features. Currently, I have the build 25131. I tried eveything found on the internet to enable those features. Tried ViVeTool in every possible way. Always says successfully configured but never works. Restarted a dozen times. Please reply me with a proper solution if you can. I can't enable any hidden features in windows which are expected to work.

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@iamrafin same issue here, ive also tried everything from vivetool gui to cli but i cant seem to resolve it. Im currently on the latest dev build 25136. can i get any help?

@iamrafin nvm i tried multiple times through vivetool CLI and GUI and got the tab feature in file explorer somehow. The ID for the tab feature is 37634385. Screenshot 2022-06-10 153939.png

Works here to - @iamrafin it should work fine.