I can not get one of my computers to inlist into the insider program.

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I get error messages when I try to enroll this computer into my insider program 0x80072ee2

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Are you facing any problem when you updating your Windows?
Are you suing any VPN or Proxy?

@Reza_Ameri Negative, it does all the normal updates. I will not update the W10 to the next insider build. And I always get error code that I posted when I try to enroll that particular computer into the insider program. I am going to try a complete fresh insider preview install of 22H2 19045.1865. So far it installed with the key code I pulled with magic jellybean, and all is working. I have not checked the ability to enlist that computer into insider yet. I wanted to get it all tuned first. Off and on, I have had up to 8 computers at a time and all performed just right. I have been an insider since mid 2018.Playing with computers has become my hobby after retirement. I will keep update posted. 

Yes, I have been there. Nd tried every option that deals with the update working and only have problem with enlisting this computer into the insider program. Every other service in WUPDate works as should. I appreciate your assistance. In a little while I will have the complete fresh install of W10 PRO 19045.1865 installed full fresh copy instead of an overlay update. After I get the entire system updated all the way through Microsoft store, I will check the insider enlistment. I just want everything updated fully before I even attempt.
Thank you, I have already been there. My #1 computer and laptop are on 19045.1949 which does not show up there. If all else fails, I will grab an ISO for 19045.1949 22H2. Once again, thank you.
Got it! the fresh install instead of updates over original. Evidently one of the updates was corrupt and was not capable of compliance with insider enlistment. It is all working great. Hey thanks for your assistance. I'm sitting on 19045.1889, it just updated to it. Maybe tomorrow it will update to the next level. 19045.1949 22H2. :man:
OK, It is early morning and the computer enlisted into the release insider and is now downloading the latest update KB5016688 that will boost it up to the19045.1949 22H2. Once again thank you for your assistance.

I repair my computers by performing several system restarts, at intervals of a few hours -> this solves 90% of the problems.
Good luck!

Interesting: KB5016688, I have it on Windows10 computers,

Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
I did my report. I have actually ran down the issue. The W10 I installed updates over had configuration issues. I had to do a complete reinstall of same OS and not keep anything. The issue evidently was corrupt files in the W10 I did the install and keep everything. I am flying high now, and all is well. Thank you for your input. On the same computer tower I use two platforms nowW10 and W11, both are working great. In order to save time and space, after a comp[letion of OS updates and full system updates, I do a complete hard drive clone so as to only need 5 minutes to get back up and running well if I make error on system. Thanks again.
Welcome, glad it was helpful.