I am no longer getting new Updates

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I am no longer getting the latest builds of Windows 11 (currently running build 22000.194). I joined the Insider Program in April and received Windows 11 update over the Windows Update.


Somehow, when I click on the insider program, it states that my System would not meet the minimum hardware criteria, however, when I run the PC Health Check, it clearly states that my system is eligibale (see screenshots).


Do I really have to reinstall everything again with Windows 10 and then go through the Updates again or is there another way to be able to get the insider updates again? 

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Hi if you are in the Insider program, read this:
You have the latest Beta build so no problem!
Do not worry about the message - if you meet the requirements.
Good luck
Well, I was in the Dev Program and that's where I still want to be. In addition, the message shown implies that I, once available, will not receive the update for the release version of Windows 11 in October. So yeah, there is a problem.
Of course, report it to the Feedback Hub that you are receiving baseless – disturbing notifications when checking for updates in the Insider Program.
Yes, but it's about the stable version - which you will not get.
you have a channel switch - set to Dev.? if so, download iso-channel Dev. and only when then the problem will actually remain a clean installation of Windows10