i am new user for Windows Insider program

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I registered for the program but I want to know which is the most stable and most functional version of:

- Developer channel
- Beta channel
- Preview release channel

If so, can you downgrade to the stable Windows 10 version by giving up the Windows Insider program?



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Preview channel is the most stable - as for going back to non-insider builds depends on how long the device has been on insider builds and if you have the available "restore" points to be able to go back to the pre state. sometimes its easier just to reinstall clean by downloading the latest media creation tool to USB and install clean
Hi, downgrading always requires a clean install, which means formatting your Windows installation drive.
but you can upgrade and go to higher channels without clean install.

the most stable one is preview release channel but it's also the least different version of Windows 10 (unless it's close to the RTM status where the next version of Windows gets shipped there).

so if you want stability, choose release preview or Beta, but if you want to test new features first then Dev is what you are looking for.
hope that helps