Hyper-v Install or even Windows Application guard install setup multiple hyper-v network adapters?

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Ive for the most part of my Win 10 insider skip ahead experience had to leave hyper-v off but I recently wanted to give Application guard another go as i wanted to revisit Win 10 VBS services, i realise it requires hyper-v but is there anyway to control what virtual net adapters it installs?  I really want to be able to stop more than the default switch from being added?  Everytime i delete these additonal vNIC's from dev man inc the hidden one they always come back after a reboot??  Why would they come back if none of my physical NIC's have the Hyper-v service enabled or the bridge driver???

Ive even tried using a scheduled task but somehow they always come back using higher numbering for there adapter names.  

Microsoft if your listening please give us some way to control hyper-v's vNIC's from Install to after install (after only talking about how hyper-v readds vNIC's).


If anyone can help id really appreciate it as i want to use some of these VBS services like app guard & cred guard.......



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