How to upgrade to win11 on the virtual machine in parallels desktop for Apple M1

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Hi, I've a virtual machine by Parallels Desktop 17.1 on Mac Apple Silicon that run  Windows 10 Pro by Insider Preview program build 21390.

When I try to upgrade on Windows 11 same architecture, the system after the download tell me that it is necessary the TPM2.0...

But when I try to go in device security to install,  win 10 tell me that are unable to open the application!

I've tried to use the TPM.msc for manual installation also, but the system tell me that the program was blocked by the computer administrator: but the administrator was me!

There is sombody that have the same trouble?

Thanks in advance


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@Greg Heuing 

Hi Greg, I've activated the TPM chip on parallels desktop 17.1, but when I start the virtual machine with Parallels it warning me which the TPM information was missing.... and then ask me if I want to stop or to continue to use the Virtual machine.

I've checked the warning message with the Parallels Support, but they ask me to open an incident at Apple support..... this not make sense for me, because my Mac is a standard machine and I've any problems.

Thank you in advance