How to update to Dev Channel 21337 or newer?

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Hi, I'm trying to get the Auto HDR feature within Windows 10. I joined the insider program and have even gone so far as to use an enablement package to get on 21H2 and there is still no Auto HDR function visible within Windows 10. I have looked but cannot find a way to update to dev channel 21337. How do I go about accomplishing this without updating to 11? Thanks.

WinVer = 19043.1319

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@vulcan78  Hi

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21337 | Windows Insider Blog



This is a build that has expired, as far as I know Windows10 no longer has a Dev channel.

You need to lower the channel to RP and perform a clean installation of Windows - which will remove everything and reinstall the system.

Dev Channel. is currently exclusive to Windows11