How to uninstall windows 11 pro beta and go back to windows 10 pro

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Hi windows insider a few months ago I installed windows 11 pro beta through your windows insider program and i want to go back to windows 10 pro how do i do that?

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can you please tell me how to use this link???
Clean installation with a Windows 10 ISO
Back up all your files and applications. A clean install with a Windows 10 ISO will erase all of your files, settings, and applications.

Download the latest Windows 10 ISO by saving it to a location on your PC or creating a bootable USB.

Open File Explorer and go to where you saved the ISO. Select the ISO file to open it, which lets Windows mount the image so you can access it.

Select the setup.exe file to launch the install process.

During setup, select the Change what to keep option, and then choose Nothing on the next screen to complete a clean intall.

Once it's finished installing, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program if you'd like to set up Insider Preview builds again. Get more help setting up Insider Preview builds.

but how can I activate the windows that I already have, I mean before I download windows 11 I had windows 10 pro and I want to watch it
Yes, if your system activation is linked to your Microsoft account, you will download the latest version of Windows10 and it will be compatible with your activation. Windows
And how do I know if the activation of windows 10 pro took place in my account?

Can you tell me how to get a Windows 10 pro key for free??

System settings> Updates & Security>check system activation, there it should be written that the activation has been linked to your Microsoft account > or add an account
can you give me a free windows 10 pro key ???????
You do not need to have a key if you have a digital license saved in the BIOS
and how do I get into the bios ????
There is no need!
If you didn't have a digital license, you certainly wouldn't have the Insider program installed - so there was a verification - I think
Good luck
Well I went into settings and then upon activation as you said and it shows me one obsession namely to change the product key
what do i have to do next?
And there is a label there I don't have a product key?
If it is click (I don't have a product key)
I don't have the option I don't have a product key
What should I do if I do not have this option?