How to prevent use of 'Recovery' folder on my slow external backup hard drive?

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Hi, I noticed that when doing an upgrade to a newer build, that Windows is using my slow, external backup hard drive to create a 'Recovery' folder. Is there any way to prevent Windows from using that hard drive? My C: drive is an SSD and my upgrades are very slow and I suspect that Windows using my slow backup HDD is the reason why the build upgrades take such a long time.

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Unplug the external drive before starting the update.

@Mark DormerMy drive is connected in a way that makes it difficult to physically disconnect and I won't do that every time a new insider build is released. But thanks for the advice, Sherlock. I'll put it with the other stupid advice people sometimes give me.

@Daniel Niccoli  Thanks for being insulting. In what way is it connected that makes it hard to disconnect? Just curious.



why, @Daniel Niccoli, why, did you have to be rude about it? This isn't 4chan.