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How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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I am very disappointed in Microsoft, I have totally gone back to Chrome.

  • @WoodworkerLady  but the Never Combine’ option has never been available on Chromebooks so that doesn’t help.  It was available in Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows 10.  Then suddenly it was no longer an option in Win11 … until now that it’s due to be re-introduced. 
Do note that Windows 11 is using new code for the taskbar.. Windows 7, 8.1, 10 are using the same coding.

Well, at least Microsoft did bring it back, they said it wasn't coming back before... so should be greatful...

Chrome OS is worse then Windows.

Never Combine’ option is still NOT back and I don't believe it until I see it.
Quite easy for me - I'm not upgrading from windows 10 to 11 as long as this is missing.
Windows 11 is for me a less productive OS than windows 10 because of this.

Never combine and text beside the icon - like in windows 10 and before - without there will be no windows 11 on my machines. 

Its coming in the 23H2 update Windows 11 Its only on Insider Builds!

Can use Windows 10 for now until that is rolled out :)


Releasing Windows 11 Build 22621.2359 to the Release Preview Channel | Windows Insider Blog

I'm not so sure anymore that the autumn 2023 update for the Stable version of Windows11 will implement this needed feature (taskbar options)

September 26, 2023—KB5030310 (OS Build 22621.2361) Preview - Microsoft Support 

Now it's a good surprise for me - it's nice to confirm the solution of the problem after such a long time

Fear not! When I checked for updates today I was offered the "Windows 11 23H2 KB5030310 optional update" This includes never combine. Note that I am not part of the Insider Program.

I uninstalled Explorer Patcher first (just in case) and installed KB5030310 including setting the "Get the latest updates as soon as they are available" option. Without this option you won't have the never-combine setting available according to the "Windows Latest" website - it will be hidden pending activation when the full 23H2 comes out later in the year.

I have, finally after all this time, a proper never-combine experience! Hooray!

Right-click taskbar > Taskbar settings > Taskbar behaviours > Combine taskbar buttons and hide labels > Never

It's been a long ride, but finally it is here!
That's amazing! Yea, the new option in the windows update to receive new updates before its ready seems to be a way to force it that you would not be chosen as in the A/B testing. It will bypass all that and give thee all the features!

23H2 is released today if you choose the "get new updates now" as you mentioned which has the Never Combine which Microsoft initally said would never come but it seems they actually listened!

According to the website: the 23H2 will be released as a optional update in October then probably by the holidays.. it will officially be released to everyone.

Though new features will gradually roll out to everyone.

God bless :)

Yes indeed! Setting that update option did the trick and now all is as it should be.


For me it showed up as "2023-09 Visualização de Atualização Cumulativa para Windows 11 Version 22H2 parar x64-Sistemas baseados (KB5030310)" (terrible translation).



Finally never combine has been returned. (note screen shop with never combine setting showing and multiple icons on taskbar and windows version. - it is not insider program)

Wish I could say congrats Microsoft, but the time taken just shows how little they respect their users.


Screenshot 2023-09-27 150039.jpg

I just tried updating another Windows 11 22H2 machine and was offered 23H2 rather than "Windows 11 23H2 KB5030310 optional update"!  I've tried a few times but it keeps stopping after 100% with "Windows 10 Cumulative Update Error 0x800f081f".  I can't be bothered to try and fix it and expect this is a glitch that will be fixed in the future but it is odd, I thought that 23H2 wasn't coming out yet.


Never combine is back! thank you all! from Brazil...2023-09-27_070720.png



It seems that the new Copilot (Preview) is also in the optional update plus the paint app and the snipping tool updates.


I have recently upgraded to 22H2 Build 22621.2361 of Windows 11 Pro, and I also have the NEVER COMBINE functionality returned.  I didn't need 23H2 after all.  Yay!  Soooo happy to have it back.

I updated Windows 11 Enterprise to Version 22H2, OS Build 22621.2361. Restarted the laptop.
But I cannot find "Never Combine" like everyone else :(
What am I missing?







The only difference I can see is my PC is on Windows 11 Pro, not Enterprise.

I can see my Experience is set to: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22674.1000.0

Not sure if this is the difference?
As "Taskbar Behaviours" is missing there is likely a problem with the install, try
Restart Again
Check for another update.
You are using Win 11 Enterprise some features are often different in the Enterprise versions. Was Taskbar Behavior there before the update?
Contact Win help
Yes - it was there in Windows 10.