How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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Well done and I hope you installed an SSD not a HDD.
It does seem odd that the disc crashed in such a short time, but I am presuming that crashed means the sectors on the disc are stuffed. It could of course be a non mechanical issue, like the table is stuffed and a re format would fix that, the disc would then be blank so windows still needed re-installing. It could have been a malware issue, without more info re what you called a crash leaves it unknown.
Before you throw the old drive away you can try it as a slave via a USB-Sata bridge (HDD case or such) and if if becomes visible in windows explore you can right click the drive icon in explorer and re format it. Do a simple format first (this is the default setting and is very quick) and you may have a storage drive you can use. If it is working I would then do a full format (same right click on drive icon - format - just in the window that opens you deselect the quick format box) this will take hours and hours to complete depending on the size of the drive, but this will check for dead sectors etc and will not allow them to be used. Do the full format before bed and it will be completed sometime the next day unless the drive is foobar.

Next get another drive and clone your new "C" on to it, that way if the "C" drive goes belly up you can just put the clone in, do a windows update and away you go. You will have lost your documents etc added since the clone, but if you back up often so that won't be a problem.

If you replaced the old "C" drive with an hdd, I would buy a SSD to be the clone and swap it over as soon as the clone is done, keeping the hdd as the back up. Cloning is easy and software to do basic cloning is available for free.
The only issue in all this is I have forgotten that you may be using a M2 type drive and instructions are a little different. The problem is I assumed a lot, lol :)

All the best and welcome to the world of doing your own mods.
Thank you for your reponse! Yes, I did install a SSD. Interesting that you suggested reformatting the old drive. Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to dispose of the old drive and stumbled across the idea of an external enclosure for the old SSD. They are not very expensive, so I ordered one from Amazon. I should receive it today. I'm anxious to see what went wrong with the old SSD. It is a Western Digital which is a name I would ordinarily trust. The fact that it failed after 3 months, I found very disturbing. Now, I'm looking at other old laptops I have in the house. There was one that I loved, an Acer E1-111. It was small, light and could be carried easily. It has an HDD. My nephew had installled the 8 gb of RAM I purchased when I got the machine. I found a YouTube video of someone who had swapped a HDD to a SDD in the very same machine and I'm curious about my own ability to do so. I have always loved gadgets and the computer is certainly the king of gadgets. Thank you again for your support.
8gb and an SSD should make that machine very usable! It's amazing what a huge difference an SSD drive can make over magnetic. Go for it, and don't look back!

Also, MS, please don't chicken out, and release the "Never Combine" feature for Windows 11, and make all these nice people happy!! :)
Funny to think about the flood of new computer purchases if the "Never Combine" feature was actually put into Windows 11!
Also, I'll let you know if I decide to upgrade the old Acer. I am an old woman, soon to be 75, loved computers from the beginning of office use and now considering how much of my retirement I should spend on computer upgrades. My husband is NOT excited about the idea!
The hardest part of the SSD install on notebooks is the opening up the case. but older computers had a door you could open by removing a few screws. Clone the old drive to the new one before removing the old one, to reduce the work of reinstalling windows.
Make sure power is not connected and Notebook is turned off and if the battery is the old removable type, take it out.

BTW: by the sound of what you say the old drive you just replaced may be still under warranty if it is faulty. Contact the person who installed it for you
I wish there was a small door for the hard drive on my E1-111 Acer notebook. There isn't one, but the case was opened maybe 6 years ago (by my nephew) when he upgraded the RAM. I'm hoping it won't be that hard. I have to back up the hard drive that is in it. I had it plugged in overnight, so it should power up and I can see the status.
Interesting idea to see if the Western Digital drive is still under warranty. I'll check into it.
Very interesting that you suggested I look into a warranty. Yes, indeed, there is a 5 year limited warranty on the drive. What really intrigued me was reading the customer thread titled: "WD Blue SA510 fails completely after just four months," exactly my story. That model number is the one that was inserted into my computer. One person (must be an IT guy) wrote that he had 34 of them that were all defective. Another wrote that "we" (must be the business) "We started buying the WD BLUE SA510… 90% of them have stopped working. ...We won’t ever buy this model again."

I called the repair place. They had only guaranteed their work for 30 days and I think I threw out the receipt after 30 days. Unfortunately, they are not open on Mondays, but someone answered the phone, suggested I call back tomorrow and they will send a copy of my receipt via email. Also, I received the SDD externa casing, installed the "crashed" SDD and after some time, received the following error message: "The last USB drive you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it." It appears that drive is FUBAR. After I receive the receipt, I will be contacting WD.

@CassRT  WD may honour the warranty without a receipt as they know the production date from the serial number. This would be especially so in the case of a model that has a known issue.


As to the one month warranty by the repairer, you won't use them again. They however have supplied you a drive with 5 years warranty and although they may not cover labour the drive they sold should simply be replaced. They will probably say as you took it out they no longer are responsible, but that is BS.  I don't know what country you are in or what the laws regarding such things are. Here in Oz we have a statutory warranty that means an item or repair should last as long as a reasonable person would expect and as the drive has 5 years then the whole warranty would be at least 5 years. Fighting them is another thing.


I hope you paid for the repair by credit card and it is less than 6 months ago. If so you can raise a recharge with your credit card provider on the basis you did not get what you paid for, refusal of replacement/repair of faulty item under warranty. Stick to your guns that if the SSD has 5 years warranty that they cannot say our warranty is only 30 days.


Your credit card provider will be on your side,  I have had them fix quite a few issues for me and as such I always pay by credit card. So they get a loyal customer out of it which is the purpose of them taking your side.  Credit Cards may be the last place left that the customer is number 1.


BTW I personally never buy another WD drive, I have had numerous issues and I do not like  how you cannot use other drives in WD cases and that WD portable drives cannot be removed from the case and used in other cases, bays etc (the sata-usb interface is integral to the drive so if it fails and the drive is still ok you still throw the whole drive away. Now this is my personal opinion and yes other drives fail etc. AS far as SSDs I like Samsung, but there are other good brands.

I don't want to cause trouble for the small business of laptop repair. I won't contest the charge. I figure the failure prompted me to learn how to do my own repairs and I will chalk up the rest of the cost to experience. I did contact them today, told the person who answered the phone that this drive has a history of failure per the WD community thread. He minimized that information, but did say that they have now switched to installing Kingston drives. He asked if I was able to install Windows and seemed surprised that I had a bootable recovery disk. The software is not a problem for me. He sent me a copy of my invoice and I have opened up an incident report with Western Digital. We'll see where that goes.
Re: BTW: Because I wasn't sure if I would be successfull with the SSD installation, I used a brand I had never heard of. It was in the reasonable price range, from TEAMGROUP. The reviews seemed good. One person said that their drive failed in 6 months, but that was the only failure I saw. I figure if the drive lasts 6 months, it would have lasted longer than the repair drive and if I were to be successful in my installation, I could do it again. It has made me more conscious about saving my work to another drive. I have to say I have never had a HDD failure while I was using the computer. I was taken by surprise that my original SSD failed after 3 years. I have working 15 year old laptops that still fire up (slowly) and load.
I have a good news.
The never combine taskbar feature is coming to Windows 11 and it is being roll out to Windows 11 Dev and soon it will be available in other insider build and hopefully official version of Windows.
You need to wait a bit.
Here is the announcement:
At last it looks like it could happen for real ! So long as it’s live for public releases prior to Oct 2025 then it’s all good.
can we have it back???
are we moving forward or backward here
plus the search indexer is a joke :)


Bravo Microsoft - we've all been waiting for this, this is an excerpt from the Microsoft Insider Blog:

"[Taskbar & System Tray]
We’re excited to bring you an early version of one of our most requested features for Windows 11, never combined mode. In never combined mode, you’ll be able to see each window of your applications on the taskbar individually, as well as their corresponding labels. You can find this feature by navigating to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors. This feature is beginning to roll out, so not all Insiders in the Dev Channel will see it right away.
Taskbar in never combined mode."

Sounds like a great idea, I wonder why no one thought of it before. Never Combine Mode .. genius !

@Rich5555  Hi,

It is this thread and millions of users that have contributed to the return of this feature, of course in the public version of Windows will probably be in 2024 :)

I'm cautiously optimistic, but I won't upgrade to Win 11 until a bunch of you from this thread confirm that you have Win 11 and the "never combine" is as easy to access as it is in Win 10.

@CassRT  Hi,

Of course - currently only in the Dev channel. Insider has been implemented, but this is the correct order, I would like the implementation to the public - stable version of Windows11 -> already in the fall of 2023, but I think it will not be possible.

It will come to Windows 11 stable build soon but we need to wait for a while.