How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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So has Microsoft fixed this yet? This is definitely s dealbreaker for me.
Just tried windows 11 for 3o minutes then uninstalled it, I was very disappointed with important missing features in the taskbar that is killing my work flow and productivity
I really don't know how are they thinking

Bring it back PLEASE!

Pls do bring back the "never combine taskbar buttons" and "icon labels" features and support for dragging and dropping to another app in the taskbar. Many users are actually using the os as their daily driver and removing these features actually reduces productivity! We don't need a gimped user interface just to make things easier for smaller displays or aesthetic reasons! Stop removing productivity features for the sake of merging things together! 

@Flashi you can drag and dop to another app. Just pick the document (hold with your mouse), alt-tab and select second app. Drop it there.

So disappointing :(
We need this feature back, I have upgraded to Windows 11 and now want to downgrade back to Windows 10 due to missing this feature.



I agree as I have the same issue. My Windows 10 workflow usually has 8-10 windows open and ungrouped so I can see the labels/names. So, it is a very important feature for me to have the ability to increase the taskbar height, so it shows two rows of taskbar items. As a power user I lose time digging and trying to find where my window went.


With windows 11 I lose both the ability to ungroup (i.e. never combine taskbar buttons) and to increase the taskbar height to have more rows for windows. This is a feature since Windows XP and sadly a loss of productivity that will keep me from upgrading to Windows 11.


I get why they did this for most basic users to be simpler and Mac like, but it is a loss of features and productivity for power users.

yeah, alt-tapping through 10 or 15 opened apps while dragging will be a walk in the park
I've been using Windows 11 for less than an hour and I hate it, for this reason. Please bring this feature back immediately!
Now I feel that Windows 11 is another Windows 8.x - too much focus on cosmetics at the cost of reduced functionality! Feeling frustrated with all chrome windows combined into one icon :tired_face:

Yes, never combine option is very much needed. Also comparatively W11 is slower than W10 

Less productive to wait and choose which windows we want to use it. This is the only thing stoping me to upgrade to Windows 11.

Yes Microsoft must bring it back, I am surprised they never researched enough before wrecking the comfort of so many users. Disappointed!


The 'Never' 'Combine taskbar buttons' setting disappeared in #Windows11


The taskbar icons are grouped. I find it very annoying and unproductive when have many maximized windows! The Never Combine taskbar buttons setting disappeared in Windows 11. 
Also, before Windows 11, when I dragged an icon from Explorer and hold a few seconds over a taskbar icon, the app was restored, brought to focus so I can drop the file on the app area. On Windows 11 this is not happening.

How to change this?

Please bring back never combine and Taskbar size option (Small Icon). Windows 11

Please bring back the never combine taskbar buttons in Windows 11 enterprise edition. It is super painful. Thank you

Such a user-hostile decision to remove this feature. Few things annoy me more than UX that trades functionality for aesthetics. I just got the update and this alone makes me consider rolling it back.
Not combining taskbar buttons needs to be re-established.
With wide monitors popular today it is not an issue for screen real estate and it is much more productive to know which screen you are going to view

So Microsoft removes a feature which has pretty well been there since Windows began. Expect some sort of backlash. Please don't force us to combine taskbar buttons - there is so much room on the taskbar these days - why force us to combine?