How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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I add my STRONG vote for restoring taskbar "never combine option"!  @huali1405 

pleáe come back "never combine taskbar buttons" :((


And in the blink of an eye, my computer's performance is slashed to that of a Nokia flip phone.  Not to mention, Microsoft didn't take pains to leave the computer how I had it, such as to never combine windows.

Adding my support to bring this feature back.

Not being able to see the details of a file explorer window is just crippling when copying documents between multiple locations.

Not being able to drag files to a taskbar item to bring that window up is also a massive productivity reduction.
This applies to common tasks like adding a photo to a photoshop window
Adding a file to the Youtube upload screen etc.

This is not an aesthetic thing it is a functionality thing.

Add my vote to bringing it back ASAP
Since when Microsoft cares about the users?! Look who's presenting their products... look at their employees... Nobody reads these comments and nobody give a **bleep** about user experience, it's all about MAKING MORE MONEY and FORCING people to upgrade and then face problems, always been the case and it will stay the same. Hence, you should all switch to APPLE / macOS and enjoy life for a bit.

Not having this feature is a real dealbreaker for me. I can live with many of these changes and some of them are really good tbh, but because of this i am strongly considering installing Win10 again.

I don't mind new 'features' but changing things for the sake of changing them and not giving users an choice for something so radical is absurd. You'd think they would learn that user don't want that by now. Sticking with 10...
Can we have this feature back please? For someone who works on a lot of files in multiple monitors it was a very good feature.

Or at least tell us how much time you need for that.
Upgraded Windows 10 to 11, after first start didn't find the option, discovered it wasn't there in the first place, rolled-back to Windows 10. Am sure they programmed Windows 11 on Windows 10 just for the never combine. What a lack of productivity really. Please bring it back. Anyway, am happy i didn't delete the old windows folder after upgrading to 11...



I am curious if they even care about our desires this days.....


No, only the bottom line.  The almighty dollar rules most mega-corporations.

Lack of any kind of acknowledgement here, in any announcements, or in Windows Insider comunications clearly confirm this.


Need to bring this feature back. Extremely unproductive.

It's candalous it seems that any MST programmer has never used Windows. It's a decision completely unproductive @huali1405 

Microsoft please bring back ability to turn off windows grouping. I cant live without this option.
Also please bring back option of choosing taskbar placement. Since there's already option of choosing Strat menu/icons placement why not let people choose where taskbar is displayed as well? I use top screen taskbar placement for more than 5 years on every desktop I own.


Microsoft, we believe in you :)

Now the OS is released and this functionality has still not been returned to us it's clear to me it never will be. 


I'm going back to Windows 10 because I'm fed up of this issue being ignored.

I really wonder what they are thinking about while they removing this feature

Happily someone made an awesome work and created a simple and effective dll to handle all the missing customizations from the taskbar and right click menu on folders and files.
Download link:

For me, I have 2 rows of tasks and I like to see what is open. I have say 5 documents open, 10 web pages, 3 visual studios, 5 notepads files, 6 folders open. I want to have one click to focus on any task. I log how many context switches I have in a day and it is about 1000 so this is something i do a lot. Not having this feature is a show stopper for me. Moving to windows 11 will be a huge hit on productivity.
You're trying too hard with Edge, and getting it wrong. Besides the failures with signing in, and the loss of IE11, you've now killed the option to select how to combine taskbar buttons. What's going on MS?
Unless I 'modify' my system and open it up to destabilization... This has greatly reduced productivity. As a writer, I am greatly dependent on 3 different screens on my desktop with multiple windows open on all three screens. With the taskbar in always combine mode I can no longer easily tell what the windows are at a glance and must either hover the mouse over the combined icon or alt-tab then hover the mouse over the tab to determine what the window is! This is greatly slowing down what I am looking for before I can switch over to that window to continue working... Please, bring back the 'Combine when the taskbar is full' option or the 'never combine' option! Either one would greatly increase my productivity! I'm about ready to revert back to Windows 10 Pro because of how horrible of an upgrade Windows 11 Pro has been on the productivity. This is as if the developers were intentionally trying to sink Windows 11 in the water on release.