How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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How to let windows 11 "never combine taskbar buttons"?

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this is ridiculous, please bring this feature back!!!!!
yes, please bring this feature back!!!!!
For me, it's acceptable while win11 is slower than win10. But it's hard to accept for no feature "never combine taskbar buttons". I can't work with multi-tab Excel and Word. Should I go back to Win10?
This build of the Windows 11 is still under testing and evaluation and you may share this as a feedback in the Feedback Hub app.

@Ha_SonHow is Windows 11 slower than 10? I have actually noticed a performance boost and snappier response over Windows 10. Heck, it even boots faster. Instead of 20 second boot I am dang near 10 second from post to seeing desktop.

Windows 11 is still under testing and evaluation and depending on the hardware configuration , users might expect different performance. The ultimate goal of the Windows team is to make it faster but in case it is slow, the user need to share a feedback so Windows team would investigate and Windows 11 will send anonymous and automated data about performance to the team too.
Maybe my laptop is old (I5 7200U and 8 GB ram). Otherwise, it's really slower than Win10. I know I can't require more in the testing version, so it's ok. But I really need the "not combining" feature :(



Oh man... Not only was I hoping for a greater improvement like having the option to group only certain apps but ungroup certain others, they are going backwards... 

Kind of glad I'm not the only one who's fuming over this oversight.  At first I thought I could handle the forced combination but it's really starting to piss me off when I open more than 2 windows.  Please bring this back.  

My laptop is new and seems to be nice (i7-8550U - 16G), I have been installing the insider version of Windows 11 for a few days, but I also feel that win 11 is (significantly) slower than 10.

this is ridiculous, please bring this feature back!!!!!
I hope they will include the option to never combine taskbar buttons. It's one of the first things i do everytime i install Windows. It's a very crucial option for many users.
I do exactly that.
I'm disappointed. I want to go back to Windows 10 :(

@huali1405  I agree please bring this feature back.


Even manually setting the old Registry value for this item does not work.

Please bring this feature back!!!!!
please bring this feature back
You got the point, make sure file a suggestion in the Feedback Hub and if it already exist then upvote it.
I don't know how can Microsoft did something like this because this features is very important in WINDOWS and it was Existing in almost version from XP to WINDOWS 10 The should thinking to return it back

Please bring back never combine option otherwise it is very time consuming while I work with many windows. It is annoying too. It increases steps and decrease working rate.