How does Microsoft engineers respond to feedback (Beta Channel?

I am in the Beta Channel of the Windows Insider program. How does the Microsoft engineers or the Windows team respond to feedback for Insiders? I have read the feedback have the greatest impact.

For example: I sent a feedback in regards to Defender to automatically scan portable drives for viruses. I have 333 upvote but no official response.
Please upvote for me. More, the better. Feel free to let others know to upvote my feedback, thanks
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Hello @paulpchou,


If your feedback have a large number of upvotes, I believe it should have been noticed by concerned team. However, the team might not respond on many feedbacks, IMO.


@Kapil Arya please upvote my feedback, thanks. I mean how do they respond to feedback or which feedback do they respond to first? I see feedback with just upvotes getting an official response while a feedback with 1 thousand upvotes do not.


I see that you are very involved and you are trying to improve the automatic scanning
DEFENDER for an additional scope - I support it too!
But the Microsoft Engineering Team should actually categorize your feedback!
Opinion -completed, accepted, in implementation, the function was issued - that's what I miss


Can you or did you help me upvote the feedback for the USB one? Please ask your friends, etc. to upvote, thanks. I have only 334 upvotes so far.


I think even 2000 votes will not expand to scan automatic USB drives.

The operation of the system and the processes directly related to it is crucial!

As an additional scanning option, Defender already exists - so entering the auto-scan path would require additional threat definitions and real-time updates - seems difficult to implement.

For sure Windows Engineers will go through feedbacks and monitor them but they might not response to each feedback and sometimes they are other important issues which need to be fixed first. For example, Windows team will spend more time on fixing critical bugs than adding new features.


Yes - I agree with you!
Users can only report what we thank you for, but the final decision
belongs to the Microsoft team.

Yes, this is how it works and Windows team will read every feedback.
However, they have to look into many factors to make a decision.