How do I get old-style file explorer back

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I generally run all my PC's on Linux, but I have several that are dual-boot with Win 11, so I can give clients real PowerPoint pptx files instead of pptx files made in LibreOffice.


I had to download data files from a commercial backup service I use for a PowerPoint presentation I will give in a few days. When I went to find the downloaded ZIP files where I would normally find them in File Explorer, they were not there is the Gallery view that File Explorer gave me. Instead, I had to search for *.zip to find them.


What do I need to do to get File Explorer back so where it was several months ago?

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Press Windows + E to open File Explorer. Click on the View tab. Click on Options, then Change folder and search options.

In the Folder Options window, adjust settings to match those of the classic File Explorer (e.g., always show icons, never thumbnails, use checkboxes to select items, etc.).